Jared Dewberry's GITA 1 Website

This is my website for Computer Science 1 / GITA 1.
We are learning C# (C Sharp), which is used for Windows applications.
This is my first year of programming in High School, and
I hope to continue taking programming classes for a long time.
I want to keep learning about programming and get a job as a programmer!
I use Visual Studio to make my projects. You can download it here.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions at jarddewberry@gmail.com.

Goodbye World


This project tells the user how to say "Goodbye" in different languages.

Help Page


This project gives information on my fictional company: Owl Support.

Mailing Label


This project formats information that the user inputs into a mailing label.

Car Rental


This project calculates the total cost of a rental car based on the odometer ratings and also formats information into a mailing label.



This project calculates the BMI given a certain height and weight, and keeps track of the average BMI.

Car Rental Upgrades


This project is an upgrade of the previous Car Rental program, allowing the user to choose between different cars and additional services.

Test Scores


This project compares two test scores when given the number of questions correct and the total number of questions.

Dice Program


This project simulates the rolling of two dice and keeps track of the probability of each sum being rolled.

Craps Game


This project simulates a game of craps using the concept of random numbers from the Dice Program.

Slot Machine


This project simulates a slot machine and allows the user to bet on the outcome.

Shirt Sales


This project simulates a T-Shirt store which allows the customer to choose from five different shirt sizes.

College Football Program


This project shows the recent bowl history of two football teams and gives information on the schools.

Fish Tank


This project simulates a "fish" swimming around in an aquarium using arrays.

Fish 2D


This project simulates a "fish" swimming around in an aquarium using arrays, but this time, the "fish" is out for blood.



This project uses "for" loops in order to calculate various mathematical problems.



This project allows two players to locally play a game of tic-tac-toe.

Basic AI


This project gives the player control over a chick as they are chased by an owl. The chick must use everything in its arsenal, including running away and firing lasers to fend it off.



This project moves dots as they grow to give the illusion of movement.

Space Invaders


This project is a game of space invaders with 3 identical invaders.

Kirby: Galactic Nova


This project is a spin-off of the starship segment in Kirby Super Star Ultra.

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